Bank Loan Application

Current Government Fix BLR: 6.3% (Haven't Discount)

Documents for Applying Bank Loan

Personal Applicant(s): 
  1. Offer Letter / Title / Sales & Purchase
  2. IC copy Of Applicant(s)
  3. Latest Payment Slip / Salary Voucher 
  4. EPF Statement 
  5. EA Form / Form J / Income Tax Payment Receipt
  6. Latest Six Months Bank Statement Copy
  7. Fixed Deposit Statement ( if any ) 
Company Applicant(s)
  1. Offer Letter / Sale & Purchase / Title 
  2. Company Register Form 24 & 49 
  3. Company Form J (2 Years ) / Income Tax Payment Receipt 
  4. Latest Six Months Current Account  Bank Statement Copy
  1. Original IC
  2. Original Stamped Sales & Purchase Agreement 
  3. Developer Consents
  4. Letter Offer from Bank 
* Recently Bank Loan approvals are base on the amount of bank loan installment which less than 40% of applicant monthly salary. 
Installment Monthly Payment Rate 
Kindly take note that the BLR rate has been fixed by Bank Negara at the rate of 6.60%. BLR rate differs from banks to banks and the references provided below are accurate at its most possible sense. It is admitted and declared that slight differences in amount may be unavoidable and clients are advised to get the particular bank's latest consultation. Take note also that the installments repayment rate are as schedule below. 

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